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Shade, Part 1: Comic for Tuesday, Feb 12, 2002
Something Very Similar To This Has Happened To Me...
Comic number: 0023
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Sarah is on the phone with Elliot who is talking to Tedd.

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  • Sarah's house


SarahSo um, Elliot… I was thinking maybe we should see a movie tonight…
Elliot(phone) Cool! I’ll call Tedd.
SarahT-Tedd? A-Actually, I was thinking just the two of us would go to a movie, together…
Elliot(phone) But Tedd will get lonely! We should include him.
SarahHe can watch TV! Look, you goon, I’m trying to ask you to go out with me!
Elliot(phone) Well, yeah, I figured you wanted to go to the theater and not rent…
SarahWhat? That’s not --
Elliot(phone) Alright, I’ve got Tedd online. He’s interested in “Bionic Lesbians From Mars: Episode VIII”. What do you want to see?
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