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Shade, Part 1: Comic for Tuesday, Feb 19, 2002
You Can Call Me Grace, Or You Can Call Me Shade
Comic number: 0030
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Mr. Verres talks to Grace then tells Tedd to tell no one other than Elliot or Sarah should know that Grace was there.

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  • Tedd's house

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Mr. VerresShade… Does anyone in your family know that you’re here?
Tedd(wisper) ”Shade”…?
GraceNo, they don’t.
Mr. VerresGood. Let’s hope it remains that way. Tedd, make up the guest room. Shade here will be staying with us. See if you can get that girl Sarah to help get her some decent clothes tomorrow, as well. Other than Elliot and Sarah, tell no one that Shade is here, got that?
GraceAre you serious? You’re going to protect me?
Tedd… What the hell is going on…?
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