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Shade, Part 2: Comic for Saturday, Mar 23, 2002
They Can't Do That! That Would Mean No More Squirrel-Girl!
Comic number: 0062
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Because her brothers are so dangerous, Grace came to Tedd so he could find a way to stop them, and her, from being able to transform.

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  • Tedd's House

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ElliotWe already know about Vlad, Damien, etc. We just need to know why you felt the need to get into contact with Tedd.
GraceMy “brothers” are a threat to everyone. They are very aggressive, which is probably why the scientists decided I would be female… Ya know, less testosterone?
Grace(off screen) Vlad is particularly dangerous. His lust for blood makes him no better than a vampire.
Grace(off screen) The only thing keeping him from killing people on a daily basis is a promise I made him make to get blood only from farm stock, such as cows.
GraceI’m here because it’s not their fault. They were made this way. I want to save them by finding a way to make it so both them and myself can’t transform.
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