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Shade, Part 2: Comic for Sunday, Mar 24, 2002
Comic number: 0063
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Grace explains why she was nearly naked. Elliot is satisfied and walks out. Tedd states that Elliot is acting weird, but does not go find out why.

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  • Tedd's House
  • Just outside Tedd's House

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ElliotSo you want to protect people without resorting to violence… that’s good, but there’s still one more thing!
GraceReally? Like what?
ElliotLike why were you basically naked when you first came to this house?
A large hammer hits Elliot with a BOOM
SarahI know it was a legitimate question, but I didn’t like his tone…
Image of Grace reading paper
GraceWhen I found the article about Tedd and the goo, I figured he was my best chance for making my “brothers” and I normal.
GraceYou know, it’s strange… I don’t normally faint when I change. I usually just get dizzy… But oh well.
Image of Grace as a squirrel
GraceI’m currently only partially transformed. In order to escape, I completely transformed into a small squirrel which is why I didn’t have any clothes to wear.
Image of Grace in a trench coat
GraceOnce I was far enough away, I turned back to normal. I was freezing though, and knew I wouldn’t make it to Tedd’s house unnoticed without covering myself so I kinda stole that coat… I’d like to return it someday.
Back to Tedd’s house
TeddWell, I’ll do what I can to help you Grace, as much as I like your squirrel form… And I’ll try to find out why you fainted as well.
ElliotI bet he’ll be able to pull it off, Grace, so stick with him. Sorry if I was pushy earlier, but I like to be safe rather than sorry. Anyway, it’s time I got out of here. See ya.
SarahHey! Elliot! Wait up!
TeddElliot was acting pretty strange… Maybe I should go find out why.
Tedd… That also works…
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