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The Goo: Comic for Sunday, Feb 3, 2002
Comic number: 0014
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Elliot throws a pointy fork at the goo.

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ElliotBring it on...
The goo punches at Elliot.
The GooHSSSSS...!!!
Elliot dodges the fist and it hits the floor in front of him with a "BOOM"
Elliot(Thinking) Damn! I barely dodged that!!!
Elliot(Thinking) A fork that someone dropped earlier? Yes! Advantage: Elliot!
ElliotTogateiru Fohku Kohgeki*!!!
(Translation) *Pointy Fork Attack
Elliot throws the fork at the goo
The fork is seen entering and exiting cleanly through the goo making a "Splorp! sound on entry and a "Sploop" sound on exit.
The GooHEHEHE...
Elliot(Thinking) It didn't do anything to it... How the hell do you harm goo?!?!
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